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Eloquent beading, graceful silhouettes, and exquisite details define the essence of a Julianne Syjuco bridal gown.

Crafted with classic French lace.Nathalie drapes gracefully in a slinky serpentine silhouette to accentuate femininity.

For the woman who is comfortable in her own skin, the Chienna showcases cutouts to highlight her confidence and strength.

DSCF8003 copy (1).jpg

Unfolding like the wings of a butterfly, this gown’s hues transition from silver to cornflower blue, echoing the gradual metamorphosis of a delicate chrysalis.

An ethereal gown that embodies metamorphosis with its resplendent butterfly wings.

This captivating gown draws its visual inspiration from a blooming garden teeming with butterflies.

The princess ballgown silhouette adorned with soft, voluminous waves is another Atelier Julianne Syjuco classic. Drawing inspiration from the delicate patterns found on butterfly wings, a linear lace adorns the bodice.


This mesmerizing orchid pink dress, inspired by the graceful flutter of butterflies, exudes femininity fit for a Barbie bride or a whimsical debutant.

DSCF8276 copy.jpg

When envisioning the finale of the L’Effet Papillon collection, our Creative Director, Julianne Syjuco, envisioned the elegant emergence of a butterfly post-metamorphosis.

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